Welcome to Lymphedema Rehab – an outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing exclusively on the treatment of patients with edema or lymphedema.

We are now scheduling new patient evaluations in our Concord, NH office.

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What is Lymphedema ?

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid between layers of tissue.  This can occur anywhere in the body, but most notably occurs in the arms and legs.  This can be the result of a decreased reabsorption rate, such as from a disease (e.g., renal failure, heart failure) or due to damage or removal of lymph nodes (e.g., cancer surgeries, trauma).

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Our Rehab Process

To make sure our patients receive the best results while keeping your overall health in mind, our therapists are certified in lymphedema therapy; an intensive program that requires 135 hours of education and practice beyond the requirements to become a licensed physical therapist.

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Lymphedema Rehab is structured as a physical therapy outpatient facility.  Therefore, the clinic accepts insurance from several providers as part of your physical therapy benefit.  For a list of our affiliated insurances, click here.

First Visit

We recognize that doing something for the first time can sometimes be intimidating.  So click here to find everything you need to know about your first visit.


As you may expect, there are a few forms you will need to complete and a couple of notices we need to give you when you arrive for your first appointment.  Click here to complete these forms in advance of your appointment.