Lymphedema requires a treatment plan that includes a delicate manual technique as well as a gradient compression wrapping process that requires many hours of practice to perfect.  More importantly, being treated by a therapist unfamiliar with lymphedema could result in medical complications and/or unfavorable results.

Therefore, to make sure our patients receive the best results while keeping your overall health in mind, our therapists are certified in lymphedema therapy; an intensive program that requires 135 hours of education and practice beyond the requirements to become a licensed physical therapist.

Our standard treatment consists of three parts: manual lymphatic drainage technique, compression bandaging/wrapping, and garment fitting and management (if required).  You will also be instructed in proper skin care techniques, self massage techniques, and exercises to assist in moving the fluid out of your limb(s).

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
A systematic method of stretching the skin to assist in increasing the flow of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system.  This includes rerouting the fluid around lymph nodes that may have been removed to other lymph nodes to further promote fluid uptake and movement.

After MLD is performed on the limb, the limb is wrapped with short stretch compression bandages.  This is intended to be a functional bandage which provides external pressure, while moving your limb provides internal pressure against the bandage.  This type of bandage increases the flow of fluid and speeds up lymphatic drainage.

After your lymphedema is under control through a combination of manual therapy and/or wrapping, we’ll help custom fit you with a garment for daily use to help maintain your progress.